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Lungau - E-Bike Eldorado and Cycling Paradise

E-bike mountain tour in the Lungau © 2010 www.lungau.travel

So much for this sunny high plateau in SalzburgerLand - the Lungau and neighboring Krakautal - being the sole domain of highly-trained cyclists.

This image is now well and truly gone with the wind, not least since Lungau has now established itself as the highest electrodrive e-bike region in Austria and as the first BIONX region in Austria, awaiting its guests with pedelecs in the form of KTM E-Race mountain bikes and AVE Tour e-city bikes.

The Lungau offers all bikers, whether athletic or more laid-back, a fantastic selection of mountain bike, road bike and trekking tours.
Around 150 e-bikes are distributed at almost 50 rental stations with inexpensive rental rates, yet another reason why the Lungau truly is a paradise for bike vacations.

Add to that several guided e-bike tours, some 100 battery recharging stations, skilled bike-technology partners and broad-ranging Austrian Automobile Club roadside assistance.

All-Terrain Pedelecs

E-bike mountain tour in the Lungau © 2010 www.lungau.travel

You have two types of rental e-bikes to choose from in the Lungau:
The E-city bikes are every bit as popular as the E-mountain bikes. The latter truly are something special, since most regions have yet to offer mountain bikes with electric motors.

Older cyclists, above all, truly appreciate the assistance of an electric motor. Cyclists in all types of physical condition can now set out together to explore the 560 km network of mountain-bike trails - with or without motorized assistance.

Newcomers to the mountain-bike pedelec are astounded by how quickly they are able to reach the highest electrodrive e-bike recharging station in Austria, the Speiereck Hütte, on the Lungau mountain of the same name, at 2,066 m above sea level.
The Bionx Motor on the e-mountain bikes can be adjusted to assist riders at 4 different levels.

A special detail: the lithium-manganese battery also recharges itself going down the mountain.

Comfortable e-city bikes

Lungau’s road-biking network  © 2010 www.lungau.travel

Now even the Mitterbergrunde, which extends out for 25 kilometers, becomes enjoyable for the casual cyclist thanks to e-city bikes. Sitting pleasantly upright on a comfortable Ergotec saddle and with long-distance handles, you cycle along through the Lungau with the assistance of a battery you barely even notice.

Once you reach a top speed of 25 km/h, the motor shuts off automatically. But the same rule applies even at this speed: the pedaling motion is required to activate the motor.
The only exception: Lungau e-city bikes offer a coast-in feature, which can be activated with a simple click.

All-Round Service

Guided e-bike tour in the Lungau © 2010 www.lungau.travel

If you rent out an e-bike in the Lungau region, you know for certain that you are going to enjoy your cycling vacation.
Bike map, rental stations, recharging locations, service stations, roadside assistance and refreshment opportunities are perfectly in tune with one another. On request, it is also possible to organize transportation of e-bikes.

This extends Lungau's network of bike paths considerably, and even makes the "Tour de Mur" from Lungau all the way to Bad Radkersburg possible. The rental package also includes a free safety helmet to borrow and a detailed bike map.

After a short briefing, you can set out on your e-biking expedition. Whether you choose to take part in a guided bike tour, with a variety of goals, themes and degrees of difficulty, or if you prefer to head out on your own to explore our bike network, the decision is totally up to you.

E-Bike Lungau Android App
E-Bike Lungau Android App
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E-Bike Lungau iPhone App
Eco-Friendly Mobility Lungau Assoc.
Eco-Friendly Mobility Lungau Assoc.
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