Ski Touring and Freeriding

Unforgettable tours, all levels of difficulty

Lots of sunshine and even more snow, the joys of winter in Salzburger Lungau.

Due to its favorable location between the mountains of the Radstädter Tauern and Carinthian Nockberge, Salzburger Lungau is well protected from the prevailing winds and barely ever foggy. Furthermore, the magnificent natural setting guarantees incomparable ski-touring experiences and all levels of difficulty.

"The surest cure for all that ails you: a day in the mountains."


It is important to point out that, despite all the technology and equipment in the world, it is only your accurate assessment of potential danger based on careful observation of nature, information from experienced locals, hut hosts, mountain guides etc., that can minimize any risk of accidents.


Avalanche reports / Avalanche headquarters

Ski touring on the Grosseck-Speiereck

Every Wednesday until 17.03.2021 from 5 PM to 8:30 PM from the Grosseckbahn valley station to the Speiereckhütte.
Every Friday until 19.03.2021 from 5 PM to 8:30 PM from the Sonnenbahn valley station to the Peterbaueralm

Outside of these times, there is a general prohibition on ski touring after 5 PM on all Lungau pistes!


Around 50 summits suitable for ski touring and a snowy starting elevation of 1200 meters guarantee a six-month ski-touring season.

Broad mountainsides and long chutes provide ideal conditions for freeriding.

Information as well as a free ski-touring guide are available in Zederhaus from the Tourist Information Office, T +43 (0)6478 801. 

Preberlauf in Tamsweg

A challenge of 1200 vertical meters.

If it's just the experience that matters, and if you are in good physical shape, you have all the time in the world to conquer the Preber.

Find complete information about the Preberlauf here!


28 routes described in detail are contained in the Salzburger Lungau ski-touring guide. The tours included in this guide always provide the starting point, summit as well as at least one significant orientation point for each. 

Climbing routes are indicated in RED, downhills are only shown in BLUE if they differ from the original ascent. The routes are described in complete detail. Furthermore, this ski-touring guide also provides two transparent protective envelops, so that you can safely take the most important components (panorama, map, description) with you on your tour.

Order your ski-touring guide in a ring binder here!

Ski-Touring Guides in Salzburger Lungau

  • Klaus Gruber
    state-certified mountain & ski guide
    T +43 (0)664 2012995
  • Albert Essl
    state-certified ski guide
    T +43 (0)650 9500135