Weather & Webcams im Salzburger Lungau

5-day weather

Plenty of exercise, sleep in and eat well. That's what 80% of the vacationers want during the most beautiful weeks of the year, on vacation. The prerequisites for this are plenty of oxygen, a healthy climate, unspoilt nature and a varied landscape, so that you can do a lot of things and be tired in the evening. All of this can be found in Lungau, the southernmost vacation region in the province of Salzburg. The Lungau climate is healthy.

The Lungau basin is protected from the wind to the north, west and south. The low air pressure and the strong ultraviolet radiation, as well as the absence of foehn currents, cause deep breathing and thus, during longer stays, an increased production of red blood cells.
The air pressure at 1000m above sea level has a positive effect on many people. The nights, which are not too warm even in midsummer, guarantee a healthy sleep.

The high altitude air of the Lungau alleviates breathing difficulties and optimizes endurance training.

Moreover, the Salzburg Lungau is one of the sunniest regions in Austria.