Starting point Tamsweg 
Total distance: 166,8 km 
Lowest / Highest point: 1.011 / 1.851   
Total gains: 6.060 Hm

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Tour Description

Start in Tamsweg/ bike path to Sauerfeld – from there on the main road through Atzmannsdorf to Schlossberg (KM 7.1) – uphill to the left, along the forestry road via Überling as far as the junction with Preberstrasse (KM 15.9) – make a left, past the Prebersee and continue from the Ludlalm along the forestry road – short climb, then downhill to Lessach – right past the church (KM 26.9) – after ca. 150 m, turn left, then as far as the Wildbachhütte (KM 34.7) – continue right to the Granglitzalmen – downhill to Hintergöriach (KM 40.8)

Hintergöriach – Ederhütte (KM 43.0) – left onto the forestry road – uphill as far as KM 47.8 – turn left, after ca. 200 meters briefly along a boardwalk – forest path to the forestry road – downhill as far as KM 49.7, left, past the Wielandhof refreshment point – Kraischaberg – at KM 52.1, make a right – continue uphill – left at the fork – downhill through several hairpin bends to the Sonndörfl – right on the paved road as far as the main road (KM 59.8) – turn left and follow the main road as far as KM 62.4 – right to Fanning – in the direction of the Fanningberhof (KM 66.4), then keep left – Raderhof – downhill to St. Gertrauden – on the main road turn right – in Mauterndorf at KM 71.6 make a right and continue left past the church – keep straight – at the junction by the wellhead, make a left – follow the forestry road as far as the Trogalm (KM 79.1) – gently uphill, then downhill through several hairpins into the town center of St. Michael

St. Michael/town center -  Stranach – Glashütte – under the autobahn – in Schellgaden, turn left onto the paved road (KM 95.7) – before the bridge at KM 96.5, left onto the forestry road – uphill through several switchbacks – Doktoralm (KM 103.3) – Pritzhütte (KM 105.3) – continue on the forestry road – uphill to the right to the Gamskogelhütte (KM 109.6) – behind the hut, downhill to the paved road – Katschberghöhe, left to the car park – on the forestry road, first climbing, then dropping to the valley bottom (KM 122.6) – over the bridge, past the gravel works to St. Martin – turn left, then along the road to St. Michael/Schulstrasse (KM 125.1) 

St. Michael uphill on Schulstrasse – Stickler – on the forestry road up a series of switchbacks to the highest point (1601 m) – downhill, at KM 130.8 turn right and continue downhill to Begöriach – cross the main road – at KM 137.4, make a right and follow the bike path to Neusess – at KM 139.2 make a left, following the forestry road, initially through a series of hairpin bends uphill, then downhill – at KM 147.6, make a right, continuing to Gröbendorf and Pichl – at KM 150.7, turn right (over the bridge) up the Mitterberg – at the trail fork (KM 154.4) make a left, dropping down to the B95, cross the road – at KM 158.9, turn right onto the forest lane – at the fork,  continue left to St. Andrä, train halt for the Taurachbahn – from GH Andlwirt, continue left – cross the main road – Haslach – Wölting – Tamsweg – Griesgasse – back to the original starting point on the Sauerfeld bike path.

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