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In Salzburg's Lungau region, people enjoy relaxing winter days in the peaceful mountain villages, without stress, with plenty of peace, crystal-clear air and surrounded by a snowy winter wonderland.

The wide, open valley floor with its winding side valleys invites you to go on dreamlike winter hikes in the wintery Lungau mountains. In the Salzburg Lungau, deceleration and experience are no contradiction.

Provider for guided snowshoe hikes




Hapimag St. Michael
Gerichtsstraße 415, 5582 St. Michael im Lungau

Guided snowshoe hike

T +(0)6477 7451

Manfred Pfeifenberger
Schulstr. 491, 5582 St. Michael

certified mountain hiking guide

T +43(0)664 48 13 352  

Maria Pfeifenberger 
Lamm 86, 5584 Zederhaus

certified mountain hiking guide

T +43 (0)664 14 36 632

Bettina van der Vaart
Lessach 95, 5575 Lessach

mountain hiking guide

T +43 (0)664 20 16 898

Firn Sepp
valley station Aineck
5581 St. Margarethen

T +43 (0)664 422 80 83

Helmut Jäger                
Pattendorf 13, 9813 Mollbrücke

certified mountain hiking guide
(National park ranger of Muhr)

T +43 (0)650 4162282

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Winter hiking trails in Salzburg's Lungau