A real Paradise

15 villages, 8 valleys, one region - Salzburg's Lungau is a true natural paradise in the heart of Austria. Our unique natural landscape, medieval market towns and exciting stories make Lungau something special! 

I love being here


On average, all of our 15 unique villages are located at over 1,000 metres above sea level. Salzburg's Lungau therefore offers perfect conditions for a holiday at lofty heights. Lungau includes Zederhaustal, Taurachtal, Weißpriachtal, Göriachtal, Lessachtal, Lessnitztal, Bundschuh and Thomatal. 


Salzburger Lungau is nestled between the Radstädter and Niedere Tauern mountains in the north and the Nockberge mountains in the south. This location makes the Lungau particularly sheltered from the wind. The mountain air is also particularly good and the low light pollution means there are countless starry nights. . 


Salzburg's Lungau region has a great culinary diversity and the people's passion for good food and naturally produced food is clearly noticeable. Culinary customs are cherished and passed on with much love.  The most famous Lungau products include Eachtling and Lungau Tauern rye.

Each district is unique in its own way

A true natural paradise in the south of Salzburger Land

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