Giant heroic figures from the 16th century

The Samson has been documented since 1635 and symbolizes an Old Testament figure with superhuman powers - lying in his long hair. He depicts the fight of the Jews against the Philistines, after which he killed 1000 Philistines with a donkey's jawbone at Lehi. Most of the figures carry such a jawbone with them as a symbol of strength.

Many myths, legends and suppositions have grown up around this giant figure from the Salzburg's Lungau region. Already in 2010, the Samson Wearing was entered into the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria.

There are twelve of these Samson figures in the inner-Alpine region, ten of them in the Salzburg Lungau (Mariapfarr, Mauterndorf, Muhr, Ramingstein, St. Andrä, St. Margarethen, St. Michael, Tamsweg, Unternberg and Wölting) and two in neighboring Styria (Krakaudorf and Murau).



When the giant dances through the alleys

In the inner alpine region there are twelve of these Samson figures, ten Samsone are in the Salzburg Lungau.

Samson Processions

Today, the Samson parades take place on several dates during the Lungauer Almsommer and the Bauernherbst period from June to September. These Samson Processions are unique in their kind in all of Austria.

On these special occasions, the Samson (carried by a strong Lungau man) dances the Samson waltz, usually accompanied by his two dwarves and a band: this dance is an energy-sapping challenge for its wearer; these giant figures are up to 6.5 meters high and weigh around 100 kilograms.

All Samson Processions can be found in the events!

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You don't have any plans for today? Then take a look at our calendar of events, in Salzburg Lungau there is always something to experience.You don't have any plans for today? Then take a look at our calendar of events, in Salzburg Lungau there is always something to experience.

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UNESCO Biosphere reserve

This important award stands for the special quality as a natural region as well as for the quality of life, for the preservation of old traditions and the cultivation of the own culture.


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The vacation region of Salzburg's Lungau is famous for its lively customs culture. Here, alpine traditions and customs still play a central role.


The presence of people in Salzburg's Lungau has been secured by individual finds since the younger Stone Age. Learn more about the history of the Lungau.