Ice sports in Salzburg's Lungau

Ice skating and curling

There are eight skating rinks in the Salzburg Lungau for all skating artists and those who want to become one.

The popular sport "curling" is also very popular in the Salzburg Lungau and can be played together with the locals.

All dates for guest curling can be found in the events!

Ice skating





Ice skating (free of charge) at the sports field, with floodlight, T +43 (0) 6484 813

Ice skating at Wellnesscenter Samsunn (free of charge), T +43 (0) 6473 20020


Ice skating at Schwimmbad Mauterndorf T +43 (0)676 5036268

St. Andrä

Ice rink (free at the sports field, with floodlight) T +43 (0)6474 2147

St. Margarethen

Ice rink (free of charge) at the sports field, with floodlight
Sunday & Wednesday from 17.00-20.00 h T +43 (0)6476 812

St. Michael

Ice skating at the curling rink, Herbergsgasse 501, 5582 St. Michael
Possible from 3 persons | Advance registration with Mr. Rettenbacher Patrick Tel. +43 (0) 660 6165171
Adults EURO 2,50, Children EURO 1,50
Please bring your own skates!


Ice rink BadeINSEL: T +43 (0)6474 2312


Ice hockey field (at the sports field)


Ice station with floodlight at the slate bridge by appointment, T +43 (0)6478 801

 Ice curling


Curling rink with floodlight in Althofen-Moos next to Pizzeria La Montanara
Guest curling every Thursday and Friday from 16.00-18.00
Only with advance reservation at TVB Mariapfarr, by appointment for groups also possible on other days! T +43 (0)6473 8766
Ice sticks are on site!


Curling rink
at Mauterndorf swimming pool by appointment T +43 (0)676 5036268

St. Andrä

Curling rink (free of charge) at the sports field, with floodlight T +43 (0)6474 2147

St. Margarethen

Curling rink with floodlights near the sports field
Sunday & Wednesday from 17.00-20.00
Curling and by appointment at the local sports club T +43 (0)6476 812

St. Michael

Curling on the sports field by appointment T +43 (0)676 3594516
In-house curling rink at the Gasthof Metzgerstubn T +43 (0)6477 8110 Tuesday to Sunday possible, free of charge


Curling against advance reservation: district St. Leonhard T +43 (0)650 6936449


Curling rink with floodlights, at the sports field T +43 (0)6479 218


against advance reservation at Landgasthof Weilharter


Curling rink with floodlights at Gasthof Post Gfrererstadl at the leisure pond T +43 (0)6474 6211


Dicktlerhütte, Bogensperger family T +43 (0)6473 7061

Naturparkgemeinde Zederhaus

Ice station with floodlight at the slate bridge, by appointment T +43 (0)6478 801