Winter hiking in Salzburg's Lungau

Relax and discover

In Salzburg's Lungau region, people enjoy relaxing winter days in the peaceful mountain villages, without stress, with plenty of peace, crystal-clear air and surrounded by a snowy winter wonderland.

The wide, open valley floor with its winding side valleys invites you to go on dreamlike winter hikes in the wintery Lungau mountains. In the Salzburg Lungau, deceleration and experience are no contradiction.
You'll find an overview of our numerous winter hiking trails in our free brochure "Active in Winter". 

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Place Path Difficulty Start Length/Time Refreshment facilities
St. Michael St. Michael-Fell easy, 
Swimming pool Circular path approx. 16. km
1 - 5 hours
Blasiwirt, Neuhauserstadl,  Weltcupstüberl
Katschberg Pritzhütte-Gontal medium Katschberg Pass
Approached with the ski bus
8 km
2 hrs.
Alpengasthof Bacher, Pritzhütte
St. Michael mountain station Sonnenbahn -
mountain station
easy mountain station Sonnenbahn 3 km
1 hr.
Peterbauer Alm, Panorama Alm
Mauterndorf Grosseck-Mauterndorf easy Below Mauterndorf Castle 1,5 km
25 min.
Towncenter, Schi Alm
Mauterndorf Training to the ski center easy near retirement home 2,0 km
30 min.
Town center, Schi Alm
Mauterndorf Airfield to Moosham Castle easy Town center 4 km
1 hr. 20 min
Town center
Mauterndorf Airfield to Begöriach easy Airfield 1 km
20 min
Town center
Mauterndorf Airfield to Steindorf and St. Gertrauden easy Airfield or town center 2,5 - 3 km
1 hr.
Town center
Mauterndorf Via Fanningberg to St. Gertrauden medium Town center, castle Mauterndorf 4 km
1 hr.
Town center, Gasthof Jacklbauer, Gasthof Heinererhof
Mauterndorf Grosseck easy mountain station cable car 2 km
ca. 50 min.
Panorama Alm, Speiereckhütte
Mauterndorf mountain station Großeckbahn -
mountain station
easy mountain station Großeckbahn 3 km
1 hr. 
Panorama Alm, Peterbauer Alm
Tamsweg Prebersee easy Parking Ludlalm, access by post bus or car 2 km
1 hr. 
Gasthof Ludlalm
Mariapfarr  Frimlkapelle heavy Town center 8 km
ca. 2 hrs. 
Town center
Mariapfarr Sun Trail easy Town center 4 km
ca. 1 hr. 30 min.
Town center
Mariapfarr Lignitz medium Wielandhof at Lignitztal 2,5 km
ca. 50 min.
Mariapfarr Kobaltsattel medium District Zankwarn (parking possibility at the parking lot in the district Örmoos) 14 km
ca. 3 hrs.
Göriach Winter hiking trail easy Gasthof Lacknerhof about 3 km (one way)
45 min. (one distance)
Gasthof Bauer, Gasthof Lacknerhof
Lessach Wildbachhütte medium

1) Parking place ski lift
2) Parking lot Wildbachhütte Purgger-Gut

1) 4, 5 km
approx. 2,5 hours
2) 2,5 km
approx. 1,5 hours
per route

Torrent Hut
Highlight for children: They are accompanied by Jakobi and Schlaumi
Lessach Ruine Turnschall easy Information point next to the church 6 km
ca. 2 hrs.
Muhr Muhr to Jedl medium town center 3 km
ca. 45 min.
Mesnerwirt, Gasthof Jedl
Ramingstein Karneralm easy, medium Town center 9 km
ca. 2 hr.
Town center, Ramingstein, Karneralm
Ramingtein Mitterberg medium  Kendlbruck 3,5 km
ca. 1,5 hr.
Landgasthof Weilharter
Ramingstein Macheinerweg medium Town center 2,5 km
ca. 1 hr.
Café zum Burgblick
St. Margarethen Saumoos-trail  easy town center  4,9 km,
ca.1 hr.
 Gasthof Löckerwirt, 
Thomatal-Schönfeld Höllweg easy Gruben (Wirtschaftsgebäude Kocherbauer) 10 km
ca. 3 hrs.

Thomatal- Schönfeld

Along the altitude trail easy Parking in Schönfeld 13 km
ca. 3 - 5 hrs. 
Dr. Josef-Mehrlhütte

Thomatal- Schönfeld

Rosanintal to 
easy Parkplatz Dr. Josef Mehrlhütte 2 km
ca.50 min.
Dr. Josef-Mehrlhütte
Tweng Lantschfeld medium Taurach-Bridge 4 km
ca. 1,5 hrs.
Twengerhof, Hotel Postgut
Unternberg Via Flatschach to Moosham Castle easy Village square ca. 3 km
ca. 1 hr.
(one way)
Town center Unternberg, Gasthof Mooswirt
Unternberg  Mitterbergwanderung medium Village square ca. 3 km
ca. 1 hr.
Town center Unternberg
Weißpriach Seekreuzrundweg easy Hinterweißpriach, end of the asphalt road 4 km
ca. 30 - 45 min
Naturparkgemeinde Zederhaus Winter hiking trail easy Town center 1,5 km
ca. 50 min
Gasthof Kirchenwirt, Gasthof Jägerwirt
Muhr bis Tamsweg Murweg easy in the villages along the river Mur 25 km
1 - 6 hrs..
in the villages along the path
Obertauern circular hiking trail Gnadenalm easy, medium, heavy  Gnadenalm about 4 km 
north before/after Obertauern (shortly before the Weißlahn avalanche gallery on the right/left side)
10 km
2 - 3 hrs.
Gnadenalm or town center Obertauern