Cross-country ski trail rates

Cross-country skiing in Salzburg's Lungau 

For all Lungau guests the use of the cross-country trails is free of charge, if they have got the LungauCard Winter: with the new € 1,- ticket you can reach all cross-country trails sustainably and cheaply with public transport. Ask your host about the LungauCard Winter.

Cross-country skiing information for locals and day guests (without LungauCard Winter):  Especially in the area of cross-country skiing, we would be very pleased if you would support these efforts by purchasing a daily, weekly or season ticket. These are available at the local information points of the TVB Tourismus Lungau Salzburger Land.

Day ticket EUR 3,- I Week ticket EUR 10,- I Season ticket EUR 30,-

Cross-country trail rule

  • Every cross-country skier must behave in a way that does not endanger or injure others
  • Pay attention to markings and follow the stipulated trail directions
  • Every double track is treated as a single unit! Keep right! (even if several trails occasionally run side by side)
  • Pass on the left! The front skier doesn’t have to get out of the way!
  • When encountering other skiers, keep poles close to your body.
  • Groups: ski in a row in the right-hand track!
  • Avoid oncoming traffic by staying to the right, those going downhill have right-of-way over those going uphill!
  • Speed – mainly skiing downhill – should be adjusted according to skill, terrain, visibility, and number of people on the trail.
  • If you stop on the trail or fall, be sure to immediately clear the trail!
  • If there is an accident, everyone is obliged to help!
  • Those involved in an accident are required to provide identification.
  • Don’t stray from the designated trails!


  • Pay attention to postings of avalanche danger!
  • Skiing on trails with dogs is strictly prohibited! At the local tourist office, you can find out which trails do allow dogs!
  • Entering a cross-country trail without skis is not allowed!
  • No daily inspection of the trails at the end of the day!
  • Be aware that trails are groomed as necessary and according to weather conditions.
  • Street, trail, and slope intersections are to be crossed with caution!
  • No liability will be assumed for accidents of any kind!
  • Please respect our environment!

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