Mauterndorf castle

At the Mauterndorf castle, the former toll station and temporary summer residency of the Salzburg Fürsterzbischöfe, the Middle Ages become alive. The sundial over the portal to the Mauterndorf castle has already welcomed traders, lunatics and travelers on their way through the Lungau hundreds of years ago. Where once it was called "bags open and pay tolls" visitors are now entering deep into the Middle Ages.

fascinating Time Journey into the Middle Ages


From the toll station to the adventure exhibition

Already in the fourth century AD, a Roman road, which led via Obertauern to the old Roman town of Juvavum (Salzburg), was located on the site of today's Mauterndorf Castle. In a document of Emperor Henry II of the year 1002, it was stated that an installation for toll collection was obtained. The castle itself is mentioned for the first time in 1253. In the 13th century, the Salzburg Cathedral chapter was used to build the castle of Mauterndorf at the former toll station to protect the market. The Domprobst Burkhard von Weißpriach and Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach extended the Burganlage in the 15th century. Especially the latter loved the castle very much and used it as a summer residence.


The castle today

Today the castle Mauterndorf presents itself as an impressive historical building with rich historical past. The halls, vaults and rooms are used as an exhibition, the accommodation of the Lungau landscape museum, as a regional cultural center and as a gastronomy enterprise.

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