Autumn in Salzburg’s Lungau

Now the time has come and the autumn has officially arrived in Salzburg’s Lungau. This can be seen not only in the unique play of colors in the colourful natural landscape but also in the many great traditional harvest decorations in our 15 villages. The temperatures are pleasantly cool and autmn draws a calm in the region. Autumn is full of opportunities for your very special holiday. In the following blog you can find some possibilities.

 Enjoy the benefits of this colourful season

The diversity of our magic forests

The most people already know that the forest is good for their human health. In the autumn, however, a walk in the woods is much more than a relaxing stroll among large trees. In no other season is the forest that colourful and diverse. Varied leaves painted in the most amazing colours, delicious berries, Lungau’s chanterelles and varied mushrooms can be discovered and collected.


Pure relaxation

The sky is not always bright blue and cloudless in autumn. This season is also known for its cozy, gray and rainy cuddly days. Nature allows herself in those days a break - you should treat yourself and your body every now and then. Relax in the pool, with a spa treatment or with a healthy sauna.

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