Water shoot

Even Walt Disney was fascinated by the “water shoot”

Just a few minutes from Tamsweg, the beautiful 2,740 meters-high Preber - with picturesque Prebersee lake - rises up before you.

This legendary lake conceals all kinds of secrets, not least the composition of its water surface, which makes the Preberschießen possible. At this unique shooting event, competitors don't shoot directly at the target, but rather at its reflection in the water. Due to the water's density, the bullet ricochets off and hits the target which is standing on dry land.




Incidentally: Back in 1957, even Walt Disney was interested in this mysterious event and wanted to reconstruct the lake at Disney World.  But his efforts were in vain, since no one can replicate the Prebersee in SalzburgerLand, other than Mother Nature herself.

The "Preber shoot" event is held annually on the last weekend in August.