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FOLK TRADITIONS in unternberg

Authentic folk culture - a very special experience

Over the course of the year in Unternberg, you will encounter folk customs that have been handed down through the generations and are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people who live here. And as a guest, it would be a terrible shame not to be a part of them. The locals love nothing more than to share their wide variety of festivals with all of their guests, from near and far.

THE FOLK BAND Trachtenmusikkapelle Unternberg

The local folk band, which was founded back in 1890, is very much a flagship for our community, especially during the events of Alpine Summer as well as Harvest Festival
What a wonderful sight it is when the band, dressed up in leather pants, reddish-gold vests, brown jackets, blue knee socks and brown hats, marches proudly through the streets.
Their regular annual appearances include a spring concert, several church processions, village festivals and club events, evening folk get-togethers as well as the famous Samson parades.

Samson Samson in Unternberg

The Unternberg Samson parades we recognize today date back to the year 1900. Today's Samson is an impressive 5.2 meters tall and weighs around 90kg, and it has to be carried by a single, very strong man. The role models for the pair of dwarves, Rosl and Toni, can be found at Schloss Moosham, the historical home of "Schloss-Rosl", a house- and tavern keeper of the past, and of the infamous court bailiff "Schörgen-Toni". It is a truly imposing sight, when the town folk band plays the Samson Waltz and the venerable giant begins to dance with his heavy, solemn strides.


Samson parade in Unternberg 2018: Sunday, 16 September at 12 p.m. during Harvest Festival

OTHER TRADITIONS ON THE ANNUAL CALENDAR gezimmertes Osterfeuer in Unternberg

On Palm Sunday, children carry the "palm bushes", actually pussy willows attached to long poles woven in colorful ribbons, to the church to be blessed.

In Holy Week, giant Easter bonfires are assembled, which are then lit during the Easter Vigil to celebrate the Resurrection.

maypole is erected and a competition held to see who can climb the maypole most quickly and skillfully.

On the evening before Martinmas (10 November), children dressed up as shepherds and the legendary "Kasmandln" make their way from house to house, performing poems and songs that tell of life in the hill country.

The Unternberg Krampus Parade hosted by the "Leisnitztoifen" takes place in the town center at the beginning of December.


Abbrennen des Osterfeuers
Maibaumsteigen in Unternberg
Reitergruppe Ermannsdorf - Moosham
Fackelwanderung in Unternberg
Der Unternberger Samson mit Begleiter
Krampuslauf in Unternberg
Die Kasmandln kommen zu Besuch
Fronleichnamsprozession in Unternberg
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