A ride through Lungau's mountain world

Comfortable and eco-friendly, the Lungau Valley Buses bring you to the starting points of your hiking tours and back again.

Detailed information about fares and timetables can be found in brochures, at the local Postbus office as well as online at Salzburg-Verkehr.

Online timetable information 

Lungau Valley Bus Timetables


Rides outside of the regular timetable can be booked Lungau-wide for as little as € 120,00 through "Villa Taxi".

The flat rate for use of the bike trailer (4 or more bikes) is € 30,00. Groups (of 8 or more) are asked to register at least 2 days in advance.

  • In the future, the Villataxi will pick up people at the St. Michael / Golfplatz stop at 07:25 and  also at the St. Michael traffic circle at 07:30 in the direction of Muhr.  The fare is € 13,00 for adults & 10,00 for children. 
  • Please note that the cab is an 8-seater, i.e. if several people want to ride, please be sure to call Villataxi in advance (0664 13 50 300).
  • For this trip at 7:25 a maximum of 3 bikes (NO E-BIKES) can be taken - if several people want to go already at 7:30, please also be sure to call in advance (0664 / 1350300).

Valley bus to the Sticklerhütte

Toll gates in Lungau side valleys

If you would prefer to take your own car rather than ride the Lungau Valley Buses, please note that the following valleys do charge a road toll.

  • Lessachtal: Car € 6,-, coach € 20,-, moped € 3,-, 2-week ticket car € 20,-, season ticket car € 40,- (tollgate "Trenkbrücke" - sales hut)
  • Riedingtal Nature Park: € 4.- round trip for the day ticket for motorcycle, incl. Tälerbus / € 9.- round trip for the day ticket for the car without Tälerbus, and incl. Tälerbustickets € 12.- , Lungaucard valid! / € 15.- round trip for the day ticket for the coach without Tälerbus ticket. The Tälerbus for guests in a coach costs an additional € 2.- per guest, Lungaucard valid!
  • National Park Village of Muhr: € 7,- out and back (coin machine at the "Arsenhaus" - no return change given)
  • Weisspriachtal: € 7,- out and back (coin machine at the "Dicktlerhütte" - Coin payment and ATM card possible). The gate by the Dicktlerhütte for travel into the valley is closed from 5 PM until 6 AM. Exit is possible at any time.
  • Lantschfeld Tweng: The key is available from the village hall in Tweng, Monday through Thursday between 8 AM and 3:30 PM as well as Friday between 8 and 11:30 AM for a fee of € 6. Outside of these times, the key can be picked up from Gasthof Twengerhof, across from the village hall ("Gemeindeamt").