Places of Power

Magical Places in Salzburger Lungau

Places of power are those locations that radiate very special energies with positive effects on the human psyche.

In Salzburger Lungau - in addition to our breathtaking mountain world and a big, magnificent pine forest - we are also home to the following magical spots.

©Ferienregion Salzburger Lungau
©Alberto di Nardi
©Ferienregion Salzburger Lungau

The Power of Water in St. Margarethen

"Water meditation in the cloister of nature", this is what Johann Sampl, host of Gasthof Schlögelberg, likes to call it. A footpath, also known as the "Leisnitz Water Path", leads from the town center of St. Margarethen to Gasthof Schlögelberger. For the most part, you can walk the path to the waterfall either barefoot or just in socks. You will discover and experience the beauty and power of this stream and hear the rushing water.

Water meditation: Immerse yourself in nature and feel the invigorating effects of the babbling crystal-clear mountain water. We recommend bringing along a swimsuit and towel.

Alpengasthof Schlögelberger
Schlögelbergweg 4, 5581 St. Margarethen im Lungau
T +43 (0)6476 313,

Cones of Power in Lessach

Above the Wildbachhütte in Lessachtal, at roughly 2315 meters above sea level, you will discover 38 "energy cones". After an avalanche in the 1940s, these special cones were piled up by hand and have served ever since as a natural avalanche barrier. But the Lessach Cones of Power don't merely serve as avalanche protection - if you sit down on one of these small pyramids, you will sense a pleasant inner warmth.
Valuable energy flows through your body and the power of positive thoughts is released.

From the car park for the "Wildbachhütte" at the Purgergut in Lessach, you will begin a hike to the Wildbachhütte taking roughly 90 minutes. From there, you will hike about another 300 meters to the northeast in the direction of the Gumma - soon you will already discover the first Cones of Power.


©Wedam Kerstin


Glücksplatzl at the Waterfall

Next to the Dicktlerhütte in Hinterweisspriach - just before the toll road -  a beautifully signposted hiking path ("Wanderweg Weisspriach") leads to Upper Weisspriachtal. If you take the "Zum Wasserfall" turn-off, you will come to a beautifully designed place right by the waterfall, known as the "Glücksplatzl".

This easy hike from the P4 "Dicktlerhütte" car park to the waterfall takes roughly 40 minutes, making it an ideal excursion destination for families.



Augustin-Bründl St. Leonhard & Augustinkapelle St. Martin

Located in Tamsweg is the famous pilgrimage church of St. Leonhard and, close to it, the so-called "Augustin Bründl".

The Augustinkapelle in St. Martin is a chapel located on a small hill in St. Martin, with the walk from the bike path on the River Mur taking about half an hour.

The water from these two special springs is known as "Augenstill-Wasser". They say that this water can work true wonders.
Many people make a pilgrimage here in order to rinse their eyes with the water. It would seem this water has the power to alleviate various afflictions of the eyes.



Murinsel recreation area in St. Michael

Along the River Mur in St. Michael, the Murinsel was created - a popular recreation area with a number of special features,  including a "rest island" with a group of wooden benches, flat limestone rocks to lie on and an arbor of willows.



ErlebnisReichMur Recreation Area

Right next to the flattened banks of the River Mur between the communities of Illmitzen and Neggerndorf, several stations invite you to enjoy a pleasant break from the stresses of the outside world. Recreation seekers and children in particular are always excited by the natural setting.

hike, a Kneipp footbath or a picnic at ErlebnisReichMur Unternberg gives you an energy boost, allows you to forget all your cares and is always rewarding.