Snowshoe Hike in Salzburg’s Lungau

Where the snow is so beautiful and the landscape is the most unspoiled, you can get a snowshoe hike. A high for body and soul - inhale cold winter air and wrapped in warm winter clothing, through a true fairy tale landscape in the many idyllic side valleys in the Salzburg Lungau.

Winter landscape in our region Salzburg Lungau


To begin with, it was a bit hard for me to walk through the unspoilt snow, but after a few minutes I had the right walking technique and so I could enjoy this silence - away from the hustle and bustle of my life. Only the crunch of the snow under my snow shoes I could hear in the silence of the enchanted and deeply snowy landscape.

At first I trudged through the snow-covered forest, listening to sounds of the forest dwellers. But also the eye is not too short at snowshoe hikes in the region Lungau: I could see the snow glittering through the sun, which blinked through the trees. Above the forest boundaries, I have had wonderful views over the whole Salzburg Lungau, which can be enjoyed twice in this wonderful winter landscape of the Lungau.