©Eva-Maria Schlick


The little alpine ghosts

According to folk tradition, the Kasmandl is a little man with gray hair and a wrinkled face.  During the summer, he resides in the mountains where he lives off roots and herbs.

In the autumn, when the shepherds or dairymaids finally return from mountain pastures to the valley at Martinmas (11.11.), the Kasmandl comes to the alpine huts to gather what was left behind. It is from this that he will survive through the long winter months. On the eve of St. George’s Day (celebrated here on April 24), the Kasmandl is expelled by loud noise. Only then do the dairymaids and farmers dare to re enter their huts.



"This tradition is the origin of the Kasmandl Walk, I would like to tell you how it was on the hut."

Rahmkoch & Schnurraus


This tradition is the origin of the Kasmandl Walk we see today: On the eve of Martinmas, children go from house to house dressed in costume.

They recite poems, sing songs of the hill country, and hand out sweets as a thank-you for the tips they have received.