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Fishing & Hunting

The most beautiful fishing & hunting areas

What could possibly be more beautiful on a sunny day than dangling your fishing rod over the water or quietly exploring a hunting area? 

''Enjoy nature while fishing or hunting in Salzburger Lungau''


Fly Fishing

Enjoy fly fishing in one of the most beautiful fly-fishing areas in all of Europe.

Wild fish and no overfishing thanks to a limit on licenses, guaranteeing a truly extraordinary nature experience.

Fishing areas in detail


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Fishing is a sport that allows you to find peace & quiet amid idyllic nature and even snag the occasional catch. What could be more beautiful on a sunny day than dangling your rod over the water?

The Salzburger Lungau holiday region is a well-guarded secret in the angling community, fulfilling anglers' every wish.

''Clear mountain tarns, broad valleys, clean streams provide an outstanding habitat for our native fish"

Overview of Fishing Areas

Community Fishing Area Fishing Permit Outlet
Göriach Upper Landawirsee Gasthof Lacknerhof, T +43 (0)6483 226
St. Michael Agrarteich St. Martin Agrarteich St. Martin, T +43 (0) 664 1730384
  Along the River Mur Day permits from the Bliem-Beckenbauer Family, T +43 (0)6477 8371
Tamsweg Prebersee Lungau Tourist Office in Tamsweg, T +43 (0)6474 2145
Tweng Taurach

From Hundsfeldsee to the Johannisfall.
Day permit: € 27, only available from Obertauern Tourist Office.

Weisspriach Longa, fly fishing

Gemeindeamt Weisspriach, T +43 (0)6473 7014
From Hinterweisspriach to Bruggarn.

Zederhaus Fishing pond at the Kösslhiashof Kösslhiashof, T +43 (0)650 6472465



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Tracking down fascinating experiences.

A true hunter is always excited to explore new hunting areas. During your holidays, you have the opportunity to discover a whole other animal world and share your knowledge with others who share your passion for the sport.

''The joys of hunting in Salzburger Lungau''

Overview of Hunting Areas
Community Hunting Grounds/Owners
Muhr Aignerbauer T +43 (0)699 108 23 891
Zederhaus Pfeifenberger Josef & Evelin, T +43 (0)6478 353


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