Starting point: Tamsweg 
Distance:  37,5 + 3,3 km
Lowest/Highest point: 1.011/1.701 m
Total gains: 1.093 + 334 vm

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14 Preber Route

Tour Description

Start in Tamsweg / bike path to Sauerfeld – from there on the road to Atzmannsdorf – continue to Schlossberg (KM 7.0) - uphill to the left as far as the Ötzboden (KM 10.1) - highest point at KM 12.2 – downhill to the junction with the paved road (KM 15.8) - make a left, to the Prebersee, Ludlalm – Preberhalterhütte variant: at KM 20.2, along the forestry road, uphill through several switchbacks (ca. 3.3 km + 350 vm) – short climb, then drop down to Lessach (KM 26.7) - past the church – turn right – close to the Turnschall ruins, a steep climb - Polzhof – left to Haslach - Wölting - continue on the bike path to Tamsweg – past the campground – across the main road and on Ottingweg to Bahnhofstrasse – left on Obere Postgasse – at the hospital, left on Griesgasse - bike path to Sauerfeld.

Huts along the route

Ludlalm (1.520 m) / Prebersee Tamsweg
Preber-Halterhütte (1.862 m) / Prebergebiet Tamsweg (Variante Preberhalterhütte)

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