How to behave on the pistes in Lungau

So that you can enjoy your winter holidays in Salzburger Lungau out on our perfectly groomed pistes without a care in the world, here you will find 10 important rules for considerate interactions with your fellow winter sports fans in the Lungau ski areas


  1. Be considerate of other skiers and snowboarders: Every skier and boarder must behave in a way that neither endangers nor injures anyone else.
  2. Control your speed and how you ski/board: Every skier and snowboarder must adapt their approach according to the visibility situation. Adjust your speed and technique to your own personal skills as well as current terrain, snow and weather conditions, and to the amount of skiing traffic on the pistes.
  3. Choosing the right track: The skier or boarder approaching from behind must pass using a track that does not endanger the skier or boarder in front of them.
  4. Passing: You may pass from above or below, from the right or left, though always leaving plenty of distance so that the skier or snowboarder being passed has sufficient space to complete their own movements.
  5. Joining or rejoining the piste, skiing uphill: Every skier and snowboarder who is heading out onto the piste, rejoining the piste after stopping, or who wishes to ski uphill, must first look up and down the piste to ensure their actions will not endanger others.
  6. Stopping: Every skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping, other than due to an emergency, in any section of the piste that is either narrower or has poor visibility. If a skier or snowboarder falls, they must vacate such an area as quickly as possible.
  7. Ascending or hiking down the mountain: A skier or snowboarder wanting to climb the mountain or descend on foot must use the edge of the slope.
  8. Obey signs: Every skier or snowboarder must obey signs, markings and signals.
  9. Emergency assistance: Every skier and snowboarder is required to render assistance when encountering an accident situation.
  10. ID requirement: In the event of an accident, every skier or snowboarder, be they involved or merely a witness, must provide personal identification.                     

 Source © FIS

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