Driving in snow and ice 

Word has already spread among motor enthusiasts and racing drivers about the snow safety in Salzburg's Lungau region. Winter driving training courses (by BMW, Porsche and Daimler, among others) are held annually in the Lungau.

Driving on slippery roads and controlling the vehicle in adverse situations is an unsolvable task for many. With handling, braking and drifting exercises, one learns to give the winter the cold shoulder. The day training includes practical driving exercises, catering, insurance and theory lessons on winter driving dynamics. Our local providers show drivers how to drift safely over snow and ice even without skis and snowboards.

"When the nights in SalzburgerLand grow colder and negative temperatures have established themselves in the valleys,
that's when the winter driving tracks open up and invite you to drift across the ice in a car."


  • Lungauring St. Michael: driving events, safety training, technique training, sports driving, co-pilot rides, vehicle presentations, (press) events. Registration: T +43 (0)664 1613877

  • Reinhold Sampl Muhr & Thomatal: safety training, special courses for personal protection, sports driving, training for government drivers, quads (for children, four-wheel, sports, crossbuggies), corporate and club events. Registration:  T +43 (0)664 75418866

  • Winter Driving Park Stegergut – Erwin Korbuly Thomatal: Registration: T +43 (0)6476 526 or +43 (0)664 5453776