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Folk traditions and culture play a central role here in Salzburger Lungau, in the sunny south of SalzburgerLand:

Visitors learn and discover all kinds of fascinating information about Salzburger Lungau and many other themes in the region's numerous museums & exhibitions.

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Parish, Pilgrimage & Silent Night Museum (LungauCard Partner)

From 1815 to 1817, Joseph Mohr served as a curate in Mariapfarr. During this time - specifically, in 1816 - he penned the text for what would become the world's most famous Christmas song, "Silent Night!" 

Thorough scientific research confirmed this fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. As a consequence, the Parish & Pilgrimage Museum added a wing dedicated to documenting the life and times of Joseph Mohr as well as the song itself.

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Blasnerhof Farm Museum

Every Thursday in summer, you can mellow out, enjoy delicious treats and immerse yourself in a time that most of us can barely remember. The Blasnerhof is run as a "farm museum":

Opening times:
mid-June until the beginning of September, Thursdays only from 1 until 5 PM

Vordermuhr 5, 5583 Muhr
Cafe Mandl T +43 (0) 6477 7134 or Florian Mandl T +43 (0) 650 6511288

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Lungau Heritage Museum (LungauCard Partner)

A cross-section of town and country lifestyles in former times:

Baroque bedroom, collection of wardrobes and chests, old school classroom, marksmen plates, the giant Samson and his dwarves, Roman and pre-Roman finds - all of this and more can be found in the Lungau Heritage Museum.

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General Store Museum – NEW as of autumn 2020

A general store like they used to be. The museum is intended to transport visitors back to former times and maybe even evoke a few personal memories. Many of the items on exhibit don't exist anymore, such as old show-polish boxes, the money used back then and bottles of Maggi, which used to stand in practically every household.

Highlights include original furnishings as well as a till and scales.

Opening times: 
MON: 10 AM - 12 noon
THU: 4 - 6 PM
SAT: 2 - 4 PM
Special times are possible for groups.

Scharfetter Family: Tel. +43 (0) 6477 8238
Marktstraße 64, 5582 St. Michael

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"Mauergut" Historic Farm (LungauCard Partner)

The Maurergut historic farm in Zederhaus is a typical Lungau "Einhof", meaning that the farmhouse and barn are united under one roof. The farm was bought by the village of Zederhaus in 1978 and then, after extensive renovations, opened in 1984 as the historic farm we know today.

The program at this farm is enriched through special exhibitions and various special events. The house has been preserved true to its original design and provides intriguing insights into the lives of farmers in centuries past. It shows the lifestyles and customs of our ancestors, their tools and farming implements. Particular noteworthy: equipment once used by the Sauschneider, Schwellenhacker and Seilerer, all of which are old professions that have long since died out but are an intriguing story in their own right.

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Kodac History Museum

Reinhard Stöckl presents part of his private collection in the Kodak History Museum at the village hall in Zederhaus.

His extensive collection comprises many of the cameras and video equipment manufactured by the Kodak company. Together with info boards and explanations, it provides an overview of more than 110 years of photographic and film history.

Opening times:
visits and guided tours by appointment

Zederhaus 25, 5584 Zederhaus
T +43 (0)662 453946


Bundschuh Smelter Museum (LungauCard Partner)

At this Smelter Museum in Bundschuh. visitors learn how ore was extracted from rock. While the Miners' Path leads to where that rock was actually mined.

Opening times: 

From July 12 to the end of August 2021
Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and Sunday 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Guided tours:
Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. & at 2:00 p.m., and Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

Bundschuh 15, 5592 Thomatal
T +43 (0)6476 20231 (during opening times)
T +43 (0)664 73494952 (outside of opening times)

(M)Ursprung Exhibition

The Mur, Austria's second-largest river, rises powerfully to the surface in the National Park Village of Muhr. The origin of the Mur also serves as the starting point for numerous fascinating excursions.

A unique high-alpine sanctuary created over millions of years and rich in biological as well as geological diversity, meets an ancient cultural landscape, sculpted and utilized by mankind for millennia, also resulting in many extraordinary landmarks. Only upon closer observation do the underlying natural and cultural processes become apparent, along with their significance for developments in future. Free admission!

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Landschaftsmuseum Mauterndorf

Museum of folk traditions, farm life, minerals, religion and more in Salzburger Lungau.

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Stamp Mill

This museum mill, which was actually put together from a number of different mills, is open to interested visitors. Upon request, you can even see the old mill working!

Opening times:
Friday from 3 - 5 PM, mid-June until mid-September
By phone appointment you can also see the mill in action.

Stampfl 2, 5570 Mauterndorf 
T +43 (0) 6472 7949    



Motion Flight Simulator (LungauCard Partner)

Unique, fascinating event and excursion location for young & old. With no prior piloting experience required, learn everything that goes on in the cockpit of a modern mid-range aircraft.

Enjoy fun & action in an A320 flight simulator on a moving platform (full motion simulator). Virtual reality experience for up to 4 people.

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Mill Path

The Mill Path in Zederhaus leads visitors along the Dorfergraben, featuring several old mills (some of which are still in operation) as well as grain cribs.

The hike isn't merely interesting from a culture and technology perspective, it also takes you through uniquely beautiful Lungau countryside. At the end of the Mill Path, you will have the opportunity to visit the Walcherhäusl Museum. This is a traditional single-building farmhouse of particular cultural and historical significance, with natural rock walls, brick-sided grain crib ("Troadkasten") and a stamp mill.

along the Dorfergraben from the town center, 5584 Zederhaus

Zederhaus tourist information T +43 (0) 6478 801 
guided tours by arrangement

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Private Mineral Collection

In a restored "Troadkasten" grain crib in Thomatal.
Free admission
By appointment, please.

Ansperger Family, T +43 (0)664 2145197


©Heidi Pöllitzer

Kunsthof Thomatal

Kunsthof Thomatal presents fascinating works of sculpture.

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