Gravelbiking in Salzburg's Lungau

Half road bike & half mountain bike

With the combination of its wide, open valley floor with its many charming side valleys, Salzburg's Lungau is made for gravel bike tours. 

Half road bike & half mountain bike - suitable for rides on the road as well as on unpaved trails. And exactly this variety offers the Salzburg Lungau. The individual side valleys convince with an asphalt approach road, before it mostly goes on gravel or solid forest roads with a little more slope towards the end of the valley. Along the picturesque Longa in Weißpriach, back to the hut village in Göriach or with a breathtaking view of the Faulkogel and the Mosermandl in the Riedingtal - a scenic reward awaits on every tour. Another advantage, nowhere else can you explore the uniformly signposted trail network entirely according to the motto "from hut to hut and valley to valley". There are refreshment stops on every route in every valley.

"Gravelbiken – der neueste Trend lässt sich im Salzburger Lungau bestens ausüben." 

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