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Hiking Together

The people of Lungau love to hike and explore the beautiful Lungau countryside together with their guests. 

That's one reason we have so many great hiking events, giving you a marvelous opportunity to enjoy the Lungau mountain world in the very best of company. 

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©Ferienregion Salzburger Lungau
©Ferienregion Salzburger Lungau
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©G.A. Service GmbH
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Alpine Summer & Autumn Festivals in Riedingtal Nature Park

The so-called "Almfeste" in Riedingtal Nature Park are always held on the first and last Sundays of the main summer holiday period. The programs include demonstrations for the public, product tastings and live music at several different mountain huts.

In recent years, the hill farmers inside Riedingtal Nature Park have continually added to the array of highlights  - including reenactments of life as it used to be up in the mountains, traditional foods, ancient medicinal recipes, handy craft ideas, music in abundance and lots of engaging activities next to the huts. These programs also encourage guests to hike through Riedingtal, getting to know each hut along the way. Visitors to these events receive 50% off toll charges as well as the option to ride the Valley Bus for free.

  • Almsommer Fest: 11 July 2021 - !Canceled!
  •  Alm Herbstfest: 12 Sept. 2021 


Look forward to the magic of our unique nature during these guided hiking weeks in Salzburger Lungau.

For 2 weeks at the beginning of July and at the beginning of September, guided hikes will be offered in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve from Monday to Friday.

  • Flower Hiking Weeks: 27 June – 09 July 2021
  • Mountain Tarn Hiking Weeks: 05 September - 17 September 2021

Community hike, music & song on the Preber

Hike to the Preberhalterhütte, where an open-air mass for the singers and musicians will be celebrated at 11 AM. Live music will also be performed by ensembles of singers, wind musicians and alphorn players.

!Canceled for the summer of 2021!
Afterwards, the musicians will head to the following huts to play for guests (and themselves): Eberlhütte, Prodinger Hütte, Preberhalterhütte, Grazer Hütte

*In bad weather: the mass will be held at Gasthof Ludlalm

©Biolectra 24h Trophy


Hiking around the clock!

The Biolectra 24h Trophy is the unique long-term hiking experience over 6, 12 and 24 hours in the most beautiful regions of Europe, on 27/28 August 2021 in Salzburg Lungau Katschberg!

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