Holidays in the midst of nature

For children, the world up here is the best of all adventure playgrounds, while their parents, at 1000 m above sea level and surrounded by the glorious mountain landscapes of the Tauern range, are able to unabashedly indulge in sensory impressions whilst massaging their very soul. 

The nature parks in Salzburg's Lungau region are perfect for an excursion into the heart of the Lungau's natural mountain world!

"In a sunny location you will find peace and quietness in the middle of nature"


Riedingtal Nature Park is located within the community of Zederhaus in the Austrian province of Salzburg, on the southern fringes of the Niedere Tauern mountains between the Radstädter Tauern and spurs of the Ankogel Group. When visitors reach the entrance to Riedingtal, the valley surprises immediately with the imposing sight of the Schlierersee and Riedingspitze.

Riedingtal offers a wide selection of hiking options for all target groups. This nature park also boasts an innovative nature center, theme paths as well as the Brünwandquellen natural monument viewing platform, along with a selection of guided hikes.
Valley Buses run during the peak holiday season.

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Nestled in a delightful, sunny stretch of countryside lies the roughly 5.6 ha, mysterious Prebersee. This lake is part of the Niedere Tauern Nature Reserve, a forested area of hills and moors.

This alpine moorland lake at 1514 m above sea level is one of the natural jewels of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau. Standing in striking contrast to the gentle moors is the towering 2740m-high Preber, one of the highest peaks in the Schladminger Tauern. No wonder, then, that your eyes will be able to roam extended distances in clear weather. 

Tip: In winter, the Preber area is a popular place to go cross-country skiingski touring as well as sledding


The Nockberge are Europe's only national park in these gentle high mountains with the largest forest of pine, larch and spruce in the Eastern Alps. The unmistakeable appearance of the rounded mountaintops is a true geological rarity and unique in the entire Alpine region.

The Nockberge are some of the most interesting mid-elevation mountain formations in Europe, a true rarity in the Alpine world due to their gentle contours and geological diversity. They are primarily home to crystalline rocks such as mica slate, paragneiss and quartz phyllite. In contrast to the rugged peaks of the Niedere Tauern, the gentle hills of the Nockberge blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscapes. 


Hohe Tauern National Park is the largest nature sanctuary in the Alps!

It is one of the most magnificent landscapes on Earth and a Noah's Ark for thousands of animal and plant species. The beauty and diversity of the mountain landscapes in Muhr explain why this community belongs to the biggest national park in Central Europe. The Mur – Austria's second-longest river – has its source in this community.

''An island of nature in the heart of Europe''

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