Informative Hikes

The numerous theme hiking paths in Salzburger Lungau are perfect for excursions with the whole family.

Learn something new and get a dose of healthy exercise in the process -  it's impossible to imagine a better combination for body and mind. Countless interesting facts and info stations are just waiting to be discovered during your hikes. 

"Movement in the fresh air & learning at the same time" 

Planet Path in Tamsweg

Total length: 1 km
Walking time: ca. 15-20 minutes depending on your speed (also signposted in the reverse direction)
Starting point: entrance to the campgrounds in Tamsweg
Following the Taurach, the Planet Path leads from Tamsweg to St. Andrä. Proportionately distanced, info boards provide fascinating information about each planet.

Moors Path on the Preber

Walking time: ca. 45 minutes, depending on your speed
Starting point: 3 options – in each case from parking areas next to the Prebersee.
Several attractively presented info boards provide facts about the flora and fauna of the high and low moorlands.

Bee Path in Göriach

Walking time: ca. 30 minutes
Starting point:  Gasthof Lacknerhof
Guided tours: Leonhard Gruber
T+43 (0)664 5042188 
A highlight of this Bee Path is the Ambrosiuskapelle, a chapel consecrated to the patron saint of beekeepers, Saint Ambrosius.

Hut Village in Göriach

Walking time: only a few minutes' walk (also suitable for prams)
Starting point:  parking area just before the hut village
The lane leading to the Hut Village is toll-free during summer months from mid-/late May until the beginning of October. 9 mountain huts with their sheds, formerly used by cowherds and dairymaids, are gathered together here and surrounded by alpine pastures.

"NaturPur" Path in Mauterndorf

Walking time: 2.5 hrs (from the town center to the mountain station of the Grosseckbahn lifts)                 
Starting point: valley station at the Ski Center, the town center of Mauterndorf or the mountain station of the Grosseckbahn
The NaturPur path introduces you to our abundant world of plants and animals, with over 50 information stations dedicated to the fascinating world of nature.

Mushroom Path in Weisspriach

Walking time: ca. 1 h (out and back)              
Starting point:
P2  parking area "Palffy", P3  parking area "Anfang Schotterstraße"            
8 info boards describe the various types of mushroom encountered in the surrounding countryside. A puzzle sheet solved by providing the names of three different mushrooms is really popular with children. If they solve it correctly, they can look forward to receiving a small prize either at the Longa Stub´n or from the Mariapfarr/ Weisspriach information station.

Path of Natural Resources in Mariapfarr

Walking time: ca. 2 h            
Starting point:
Nessiteich or in Mariapfarr from the car park next to Gasthof Neuwirt.
Almost entirely handicapped- and pram/stroller-accessible. You can explore it on foot or by bicycle, and also in winter. This instructive hiking path is 6 km long with 11 informative stations about the importance of natural resources in the area.

Sun Path in Mariapfarr

Walking time: ca 2 - 2.5 hrs     
Starting point: town center of Mariapfarr
This path is pram-friendly and ideal for families with children. This first pathway in Austria dedicated to the sun provides intriguing information on the topic. 4 km in length, 9 info boards teach us about the solar system and its celestial companions. 

Bird Path in St. Michael

Walking time: 1 h for the complete hike (good shoes required)
Starting point: tourist information office in St.Michael
Over 20 different species of bird can be heard and seen along this Birth Path. The highlight is a viewing platform looking out over St. Michael – an experience for the whole family.

Path of the Senses in St. Michael

Walking time: 1.5 hrs
Starting point: St.Michael, "AU" part of town, next to the bridge over the Mur  
The path is pram- and handicapped-accessible.
The path is ca. 6 km in length with 10 stations in total, giving you an opportunity to focus on each of your senses – SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, HEARING and TASTE.

Saumoos Theme Path in St. Michael

Walking time: ca. 2 hrs  for the full loop
Starting point: golf course in St. Michael
This path leads you through the various habitats of the Lungau - it isn't only the high moors and their fringe forests that are filled with life: You will also be able to discover countless examples of inconspicuous beauty in the surrounding meadows.

Forest Path in St. Michael

Walking time: ca. 2 hrs  for the full loop
Starting point: the small hamlet of Stranach south of St. Michael.
Visitors to the Forest Path are enthralled by the wealth of natural & forestry resources in the area. The ultimate destination for this hike is a former woodcutter's hut with a wonderful view of St. Michael.

Leisnitz Water Path in St. Margarethen

Walking time: ca. 1.5 hrs 
Starting point: town center
A path with 9 information stations where the opportunities to sit and recline are augmented by stone mosaics and written legends. TIP: Before you begin this hike, get a treasure map from the tourist office in St. Margarethen. When you are done, pick up a "stone of courage" at Schlögelberger Wildlife Park as your reward.

Himmelsteig in Unternberg

Walking time: ca. 1 h 
Starting point: village square
Info boards tell you about the measures taken in recent years to clean up the protective forests on the sunny slopes of the Unternberg. Benches invite you to pause, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the town below.

Forest Path in Unternberg

Walking time: ca. 1.25 hrs 
Starting point: village square in Unternberg in the direction of Neustatt
In addition to places where you can enjoy the scenery and the peace & quiet, these ten stations provide lots of information, while curious kids have countless opportunities to play and be active out in the fresh air.

Erlebnisreich Mur in Unternberg

Walking time: ca. 1.5 hrs  for the full distance
Starting point: Illmitzen or Neggerndorf
Suitable for prams, in some cases also handicapped-accessible
The "Erlebnisreich Mur" recreation area extends a distance of roughly 5 km along the banks of the Mur between the small communities of
Illmitzen and Neggerndorf.  The flat riverbanks offer many different opportunities for big and small to play, relax and be physically active in nature.

Miners' Path in Thomatal

Walking time: ca. 50 minutes (good shoes required)
Starting point: Dr. Josef-Mehrlhütte
Info boards along this path provide interesting facts about the history of ore-mining in Schönfeld,
leading you through Rosanintal, up to the Altenberg and return. This hike is suitable for children ages 4 and up.

Alm Path in Riedingtal Nature Park Zederhaus

Walking time: ca. 2 hrs (as far as the Örgenhiasalm, good shoes required)
Starting point: Naturparkhaus on Schlierersee
The Alm hiking path includes 8 info stations, where theme boards describe the life and work of hill farmers, then and now. Numerous theme-related activities make this path an enjoyable experience for young and old.

"Schlierersee" in Riedingtal Nature Park - Zederhaus

Walking time: ca. 1h
Starting point: Naturparkhaus.
This path leads along the eastern shoreline and through the forest to the beautiful "Hubertskapelle" (chapel is always open to visitors) - continuing via a gravel path to the lake itself. This theme path presents the nature and culture of Riedingtal, including hunting and hill farming, fauna and flora as well as land use in general.

"Power of Silent Waters" in Riedingtal Nature Park Zederhaus

Walking time: ca. 3-6h depending on the tour variant
Starting point. Naturparkhaus
A path for your entire being – recharge your batteries, enjoy the silence, discover water as the source of life. Seven stations on the theme of " Water-Nature-Man" are intended to stimulate you to consciously experience this natural environment.


Magic Forest in Muhr

Walking time: ca. 1 h
Starting point: behind the "Gemeindeamt"
This pleasant hiking path with beautiful views of the small town is a journey of discovery for the whole family. Sports and play equipment as well as a grill area next to the Woodcutter's Hut invite you to pause and enjoy.

Rotgüldensee Natural History Path in Muhr

Walking time: ca. 1.5 hrs
Starting point: "Arsenhaus" in upper Murtal
Along this path are info boards about mining, rural culture and vegetation. Your final destination is the lower Rotgüldensee.



Richtstättenweg in St. Andrä

Walking time: 1 h
Starting point: sports grounds in St. Andrä or the Tamsweg-Lintsching crossroads
This hiking loop is mainly flat and easy to walk even if you are pushing a pram. With a total length of 3 km, Richtstättenweg Passeggen focuses on the history of witch hunts and the justice system in Lungau. Passing through forests, meadows and clearings, 8 interactive stations introduce you to life in the 16th and 17th centuries.