An idyllic place in the truest sense - in the valley bottom, neslted between fields, meadows and forests.

Standing in the middle is St. George's Parish Church, where Pastor Velentin Pfeifenberger, known as the "Bishop of Lungau", once served.

Here you will find everything you need to make your holidays even more interesting and reenergizing:
from tradition-conscious village life and the preservation of ancient handcrafts, to flower-strewn mountain meadows, the meandering Kremsbach, as well as pistes blanketed in natural snow and an alpine cross-country ski trail in Schönfeld.


The southernmost community in SalzburgerLand, located on the border between Carinthia, Styria and Salzburger Land, Thomatal is extremely easy to reach.

Summer Getaways

Gentle hilltops along with craggy mountainsides invite hikers to enjoy flower-strewn alpine meadows, rhododendron and orchids, marmots, grazing cattle and, above all, the clear, virtually allergen-free air.

Starting out from the center of Thomatal, numerous easy hiking paths lead out to nearby hill farms or along the banks of the Bundschuhbach.
Family-friendly Schönfeld lies upon sunny alpine pastures at 1730 meters above sea level, one of the most beautiful starting points for trekking tours in Austria.
Thanks to hikes along the meandering Kremsbach through Rosanintal up to the Grosser Königstuhl, footpaths to mountain huts, Nordic-walking trails, the Knappenweg on the Altenberg, the Arnoweg, as well as many other very rewarding mountain hikes and the beguiling fragrance of native pine trees, you can count on an extraordinary nature experience that will reenergize and rejuvenate you.

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Thomatal Tourist Information

Salzburger Lungau Katschberg Tourist Office
Thomatal 1
5592 Thomatal

T: +43 (0) 6476 250 11

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 8 AM - 12 noon

Closed on public holidays.


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