©Salzburger Lungau_Prangstangen

Living Folk Culture in Salzburg's Lungau

The Salzburg's Lungau holiday region isn’t only famous for being home to the most mountain tarns in SalzburgerLand, but also for its vibrant folk culture. Here, Alpine traditions and customs play a central role, now as then.

During Lungau Alpine Summer and Harvest Festival, holidaymakers and locals side-by-side celebrate centuries-old festivals, traditions that have been passed down and practiced within families for countless generations, such as the Samson processions and the famous Prangstangen festivities in Muhr and Zederhaus. 


“When a single strapping lad carries 60,000 flowers on his shoulders, 
the giant Samson invites the public to join in his festive dance and you find
yourself amid pristine nature, then you know you have well and truly 
arrived in the Salzburg's Lungau region.”